Mach 70mm EDF Unit
  • Mach 70mm EDF Unit
  • Mach 70mm EDF Unit
  • Mach 70mm EDF Unit

Mach 70mm EDF Unit

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Our alloy 70mm size electric ducted fan unit it able to produce up to 6.48 lbs (2939g) of static thrust.

It features of 9 blades, 5 stators and 6 motor cooling vanes in the impeller hub.

The impeller mounting is via a precision cut collet for 3.17mm size motor shaft. 

We have tested this 70mm electric ducted fan unit without an inlet ring and it has produced a static thrust of 6.48 lbs (2939g) using a

MEGA 16/40/1 (3150 kv) motor on a 6S set up.


  • Weight: 90g (.20lb)
  • Length: 44.5mm (1.75")
  • O.D. 75.6mm (2.98")
  • Rotor: "H'...9 blades
  • Stators: 5
  • Motor cooling vanes: 6
  • Mat'l: 6061-T6 alum..entirely CNC machined from C.R. bar stock
  • Thrust: 2930g (6.5 lbs) as tested
  • Max RPM: 60K
  • Motor housing: accepts 28mm motors (Thermal transfer compound recommended)
  • Shaft Adaptor: Precision collet (accepts 3.17mm motor shaft)


 Product bench test video

  • Thrust::1.75Kg 
  • Amp:55 A
  • Battery:6S 2600mAh


  • ESC : HV 120A
  • Battery : 6S 5000mAh
  • Motor : HET 2W30 2200Kv

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