JTM 120 Electric Retract V3
  • JTM 120 Electric Retract V3
  • JTM 120 Electric Retract V3
  • JTM 120 Electric Retract V3

JTM 120 Electric Retract V3

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Product Code: JTM-ER-11-120-V3
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The new JTM version 3 electric retract which is suitable for our JTM 1.75m Viper and L39 Jet or

any 8-12kg size jet

Recommended voltage : 7.4V (2S)


3 X Electric retract

1 X Control unit



Proper installation and testing of JTM electric retract system(V3)


1. Please use the recommended battery voltage for testing the JTM electric retracts system.        

ER11-120(V3) (7.4V) or ER10-90(V3)(7.4V). Kindly ensure that retracts system is able to operate normally during the operational test.


2. The retracts system is ready to use If the operational test of step 1 is able to function normally.


3. Please ensure to carry out the following bench test before installing the JTM electric retracts system onto any model jet. If you are using our JTM struts and wheels which are specially designed to suit our electric retracts system in term of the size and weight, you may skip this procedure, however, if you intend to use other maker’s struts and wheels on our JTM electric retracts system, you are advise to carry out a bench test before installing them onto the model jet just to ensure that the retracts system is able to retract smoothly without any abnormal sign. For an example; if the system has not enough power to retract the gear up completely and if this does happened; please do not use the other maker’s struts or wheels as they might be too heavy for our JTM retract system to operate.  

* We do highly propose to carry out the abovementioned bench test on retracts system before installing them onto the model jet.


4. This is an important step to take note of when installing the electric retracts system onboard.     Many had damaged their electric retracts and causing them to unable function normally.   Therefore, before installing retracts onto the model jet, please check to unsure the landing gear mounting brackets / wooden blocks for the retract units to sit on are level on both sides with no restriction for  electric retracts to operate freely.

The result of A: If the electric retracts unit is being installed on an uneven surface and was forcefully tighten down with screws, this will cause damages to the internal gears of the retract unit due to uneven alignment.


The result of B: If the gaps on both sides of the retracts unit are too narrow or touching the trunnion’s  locking pin, this might cause damages to the electric motor. Therefore, please ensure there are sufficient gaps clearance in between both sides of the electric retracts unit.


* If you have carried out the entire above mentioned tests and checks without any issue.


But once when they are being installed onto the model jet and the electric retracts unit does not work properly.


At this point of time, it has nothing to do with the quality of the retract system.


Please make sure there is no restriction causing the system to operate freely, for an example; Is the landing gear rubbing or touching against any surfaces during the cycle?


Please make sure there are sufficient clearance in between the frame and the landing gear in order for them to operate without restraint.


If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact your local JTM dealers.


Have a nice Flight!


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